How To Start A Business In Africa – NOW.

How To Start A Business In Africa – NOW.

You want to start doing business in Africa. Great. Now what?

This is exactly how I felt in the summer of 2012. I wanted to do something, but had no idea where to start, what would work, and how to go about it. I wished I had had a mentor in my reach that would have simply shown me the way and answered all my questions. It was not meant to be, instead, I started researching for months…

How to start a business in Africa is among the top key searches on Google for doing business in Africa. My Africa Business Jumpstart blog, my coaching program, and professional consultancy services came into life to support you precisely in that ambition: To start doing business or investing in Africa making informed decisions more swiftly and confidently.

If you have landed here, I am sure you have heard about the new economic growth era in Africa and the vast market opportunities and you want to be part of that. But something is holding you back until this point. Have you maybe wondered if your idea was feasible and how exactly you should go about starting a business in Africa? Maybe you run a company already and you are planning  to enter the African market and find local partners, but you just don’t know where to start? Have you worried about a range of obstacles that seem to prevent you from moving further – lack of capital maybe, the inability to make informed decisions, lack of focus, your residency in the West far away from Africa, or the worry that you may face unpleasant challenges on the ground?

You see, these worries are all justified, but here is the good news: only because you may be unaware of the many possibilities to work around the hurdles and get started confidently!

Today, I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I am here to assist you to make it happen regardless of your circumstances.

You may have found some of my articles on my blog helpful, and I hope you continue to read them, so you can gain more insights into how to do business in Africa successfully.

But if you want to take a more personal in-depth approach, if you are tired of playing around with ideas or worrying how to finally implement what you have wanted to do for a while, if you want to stop talking about changing your life and start doing something about it, then you may be interested in something else I have to offer:

My ‘Launch your Africa Business!’ coaching program.

‘Launch your Africa Business!’ is my 4 week personal coaching program where I take all your personal circumstances, your business ideas, your passion and talents, your plans, and long-term dreams on board while working with you on a strong Africa Business Concept for you. Sure, I may challenge you here and there, because I want you to walk away with something that actually works in Africa, but in the end it is about working closely with you on a strategy that works for you and we will go with you through every aspect of your business concept. After four weeks, you will be in a position to get started. I really mean it. Four weeks of coaching and you will have a clear road map and action plan in hand to get you started immediately.

Having watched other African entrepreneurs who started their businesses from scratch just 3-4 years ago and turned them into hugely successful businesses should motivate and inspire all of us to follow.

But you know what the most exciting part is on this success journey? That we can pro-actively participate in Africa’s renaissance and development, that we can make a positive impact on the lives of so many, while building a grand lifestyle for ourselves. A life filled with purpose and meaning, variety, personal growth, and luxurious experiences and adventures.

It is possible! You just need to silence your fears and listen to you inner you who wants to be more in life and wants more out of life! But this journey is only ever possible when you make a conscious decision towards that very fist step, the decision that this is the journey you want to take.

I also offer consultation for existing companies who want to expand into Africa or build local partnerships. For more details about the four coaching sessions or an Africa entry strategy for your company write me an e-mail or click Book Me.

Dr. Harnet
Dr. Harnet Bokrezion is the Founder of and co-author of the book '101 Ways to Make Money in Africa'. She coaches individuals and consults existing companies assisting them to make smart and strategic business decisions in Africa’s new emerging markets faster and more confidently. Dr. Harnet also regularly writes for the renowned DHL powered publication Get in touch to inquire how she can be of assistance to your own Africa business endeavors:

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